A personalized gift to the masses

With one more month until the holiday season, for most of us, this means last minute shopping and festive preparations. Whether you are gearing up for a company potluck, or buying gifts for friends and family, you can count on promotional products to make a memorable impression. Promotional products can be customized and ordered in bulk, which provides you with the flexibility to share a personal message to those close to you. From wine gift sets, personalized journals, to blankets, there are endless possibilities this holiday season. If you are considering utilizing promotional products, be sure to place any orders at a timely manner, to ensure it gets shipped to you at a reasonable time.




One of the fastest-growing Canadian companies within the promo products industry

On June. 12 – 14 of 2013, representatives from both Canadian suppliers and distributors, came together to talk about the industry and its changing landscapes. This is known as the ASI Power Summit. Discussions from product trends, to new marketing techniques, diverse topics were shared amongst all to educate and inform. During this years Power Summit, the fastest-growing Canadian companies within the promotional products industry was announced. Making its way on the list, Talbot has been placed 8th with a 63% increase from 2010 – 2012! Steve Levschuk, President of Talbot talks about the growth of the company as well as the industry. Click on the button below to watch the interview!



Effortless Ordering

Ordering promotional products for the very first time can be an intimidating and challenging task with no starting points. You might ask yourself numerous of questions regarding pricing, products, quantity to shipping dates. With numerous of unanswered questions, at Talbot, we ensure your ordering experience is a simple and effortless experience. We ensure that each step is taken with care, as well as the outcome is positive and impactful for your business and goals. So how do we do it? Well…here’s our “secret” recipe that has kept us in business for over 125 years!


A dash of promo items

One of the best places to network as well as display your products and services is through trade shows. Whether you are a part of an event or simply a spectator, the booth with the most appealing giveaways, atmosphere and creativity always attracts the most traffic and buzz. Have you ever visited a booth that was forgettable, but you can recall the branded items that were given away?  This is the power of promotional products in a trade show setting.

Promotional products gives you the ability to be in front of your customers during and after a trade show. Also, the more practical your items, the better! Someone who is using your items will be repeatedly exposed to your brand and message which will result in the increase of customer loyalty and repeat business.

Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your booth, or get the most out of your advertising dollar, be sure to add a dash of promotional products. Within a trade show setting, it is the powerful marketing tool that can create a cohesive and memorable experience.

The magic of promotional products

d after a trade show? Chances are someone is using your giveaway with the intentions to contact you shortly.